Get To Know Tessa aka @londonpaleogirl

  1. About my fitness journey:

 ‘I made a big lifestyle change about 4 years ago following being diagnosed with glandular fever and mild ME.  Which led me to being strict 'paleo' in terms of diet, moderate exercise, sleep and stress management. However I wanted it be a long term, lifestyle change as it was no quick fix.  I was over exercising before and mainly doing HIIT trying to fight feeling exhausted all the time, so I started mixing up my workouts.  From yoga and pilates classes and generally slowing it all down.  After now living 'the modern day paleo lifestyle' with my energy and diet at it's best yet,  enables me to be able to exercise regularly and at another level of training, from intense cardio workouts to strength training.  My diet now fuels my fitness and I have an abundance of energy whist working out.

  1. Why do you love LIVE!?

 Being LIVE's UK ambassador I live in LIVE! active wear, and if I'm honest I struggle to get out of it.  From the quality of the fabrics, to the variety of patterns and styles depending on your mood and the shape that just molds to your body, supporting all the right places.  With the collections also including jumpers, denim jean leggings and smart tracksuits I go from these outfits to ball-gowns! 

  1. What does a typical day's food diary look like?

I love breakfast which usually involves eggs; poached, scrambled or an omelette. I make sweet potato/ vegetable fritters or with grain free toast.  Topped with a little smashed avocado/asparagus/spinach/ mushrooms, sometimes with smoked salmon or even turkey bacon. If I have worked out that morning or I’m feeling particularly hungry then I will have a super-food filed protein shake between breakfast and lunch.

 Lunch normally consists of seasoned, garlic, lemon and herb marinated chicken breast with a rainbow of vegetables from: butternut squash, roasted root vegetables, asparagus or a dairy free pesto courgette. I normally follow lunch with something sweet like an apple or a handful of blueberries.

My staple ingredient for dinner will normally involve fish: spiced salmon fillet (Thai or Indian) with vegetables, anything from broccoli, asparagus, spinach, roasted peppers, ratatouille, and coconut cauli-rice. I still like to treat myself to a dessert so my go-to will be a hot chocolate, made  from dairy free chocolate Ombar or an almond or Coconut yogurt.

  1. What is your greatest fitness achievement?

Finishing the nuts challenge last September, a two and a half hours of obstacle climbing, swimming and running in water and mud, crossing that finish line was the best feeling.  

  1. Where is your favourite place to work out?

I have recently started training at Evolve Fitness in the city and I have noticed a massive difference to my training and mentality, I am lifting more than I ever thought possible and doing moves that I didn't think I was capable of achieving. Best of all I feel strong and cant wait for the next session.  

  1. What's your most embarrassing work out movement?

Jumping lunges, I have no coordination what so ever!

  1. Do you have any advice to those new to fitness?

Set your own goals, don't worry about what any one else is doing just focus on you and remember good things take time. There are no quick fixes!

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