Don’t Half Ass Anything Use Your Full Ass

The London fitness scene is buzzing on every other corner you can stumble upon the latest trend for booty building or core strengthening. To be fair you would have to do something drastic not to notice the boutique gyms filled with activewear clad women.

So what’s the rest of the UK have to offer, surely there’s a fitness world beyond the capital?

Our first LIVE! event outside of the M25 radius was in Dorset hosted by the duo Hannah & Lynsey; whom we met at Fitliving. The ladies cofounded Your Contour; a platform that gives women the support to achieve their fitness goals, through workouts, nutritional advice & regular motivation. (@your__contour)


Looking at these two physically you know they practice what they preach & their enthusiasm for what they do says we're in the right hands. Both ladies have been in the spotlight taking part in bikini competitions & understand the discipline needed to succeed. The squad we assembled for the morning workout were given the heads up that it was a booty circuit so we had a full turn out.


Lets just say the booty is the main area of the body we seem to be obsessed with at the moment. No longer are we trying to hide big bottoms we’re trying to build them; however that’s not the only factor strong glutes can improve posture & support to the lower back so its not entirely about the roundness.


Straight away we were scoping the gym for the best position to video & take boomerangs from, because if London has taught us one thing its all about the post workout photo. If it’s not on the gram it didn’t happen!!!

As we start to warm up we know we’re not going to get away with anything. The first sips of water are consumed & the looks around say the same thing “uh oh” but lets face it we’re all here for the same reason to feel those happy endorphins & justify lunch.

After being coached through circuit one exercises ranging from kettle bell swings to sissy squats we’re told we are doing 45 seconds of work & have 15 seconds to transition. That sounds fair this shouldn’t be a problem right?


Half way through we caught up with Sam Wilson a personal trainer & already her legs were ‘slightly jelly like” so not even those who do this for a living were getting away with it.


Circuit two our duo are upping the anti; a whole set of new exercises have been introduced to lift and round our bottoms. Russian step-ups, curtsey lunges & round the world kick backs, just some of the stations to feature. The looks between the squad are a little more dramatic now. This time we are working for 60 seconds, that extra 15 seconds doesn’t sound like much but believe me when that 45 second marker hits those 15 seconds were brutal. Unanimously we gave a whoop at the “10 seconds left” signal.


Sweating & glugging water to the back drop of high fives and the blissful realisation it was over we stretched it out. Smiles and happy endorphins were being released and there’s only one thing to do with those……boomerangs!!!


Wherever you are you can find your fitness people and create your squad. The main difference between the capital and the other counties is the amount of ‘Instagram selfies’ during a class & potentially less crop tops.



Our routine from Your Contour


The First circuit

(45 seconds work & 15 second transition)

Kettle bell swings

Sissy squats

Straight leg deadlift

Cable pull through’s

Lateral squats

Hip thrusts with Olympic bar

TRX jump squat

2 step sumo squat 


The Second Circuit

(60 seconds work & 15 second transition)

Donkey kicks

Resistance band clams

Russian step-ups

Round the world kickbacks

TRX pistol squat

Bulgarian split squats

In & out jump squats

Curtsey lunges with barbell


Disclaimer: All exercises were performed under supervised expert guidance & following this routine is at your own risk. Please consult your GP before partaking in physical exercise.

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